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About us

Welcome to our randomhood. First, an explanation. People ask: Why the name? It’s so… well, so random. Exactly. That’s the point. We believe that the best ideas come from a process that follows unpredictable twists and turns. We’re convinced that to find the best results for our clients, and still have fun in the process, creativity has to be open to chance, in other words, to randomness.

Now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about our approach. It’s simple. The combination of our individual expertise, an adaptable structure and a network of first-class resources, allows us to be more efficient and help our clients reach their goals. From multicultural to general market, from small to big budgets, from adaptations to 360 campaigns, we love working on projects that include a wide range of businesses and people in need of creative communication services.




Paula |Creative Director
Los Angeles, CA

For the past 20+ years, I have worked in big and small ad agencies winning multiple recognitions for major brands. But I’m not going to bore you with all the details.

The really important thing you need to know, is that I’m very resourceful and have lots of multidisciplinary experience. In short, experience saves you money. Experience saves you time.


Ricardo | Creative Director
Los Angeles, CA

I've been in advertising for 20+ years. I've worked in almost all types of industries (have not done funeral services... yet) and won awards in almost all festivals including Cannes, London Festival, NY Festivals, and the One Show.

I think the role of a creative is that of an opportunity maker. We do create but also connect people and their skills, all, at the service of an idea.


Santiago |Digital Strategist
Dallas, TX

I’ve been digital strategist and visual designer for 20+ years. I’ve worked in both advertising and web development companies and have won my good share of creative awards.

If you don’t care about that, however, you are not alone, so let me get to the main point: I’m a digital native. I speak in bits and bytes and can help you meet all your KPIs.


The easiest way to get our attention is to send us an email. However if you are one of those rare people who like to fill out Internet forms, we prepared this beautiful set of empty fields for you. Enjoy!

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